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All parts of the cage should be made very sturdy, as African Grays have a habit of chewing up whatever surfaces they could find.

Don’t expect your pair to get right to breeding as soon as they move into their new home.

If possible, look for parent birds that has a proven track record; that is, they are known to have produced top-notch chicks from a previous breeding run.

Consider yourself lucky indeed if you are able to obtain such a pair.

To encourage breeding in your birds, make sure that they are comfortable in terms of housing and feeding arrangements.

Most owners find that the African Gray needs to have a sufficiently private environment in order to get into the breeding state.

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Feeders should be contrived in such a way that disturbing the pair will be minimized: ideally, it should a setup that easily allows food and water to be introduced to the cages while reducing the probability of the birds making a bid for escape during feeding time.

However, if you really want to make sure of the birds’ sexes, you may have them undergo DNA testing.

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