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20-Dec-2017 03:57

NYPD and other local enforcement agencies across the state, which are responsible for collecting change of address forms from sex offenders, aren't legally obligated to submit those forms to the registry. The forms cover changes of address, employment, education, motor vehicle information and internet providers.

Experts now wonder about the accuracy and reliability of the registry that is supposed to keep tabs on the state's 39,000 registered sex offenders.

DCJS will notify each law enforcement agency having jurisdiction.

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The rest come from offenders and agencies in the states where offenders move, she said.“Why would a law enforcement agency not want to provide updated information to the registry? Kava said the registry is constantly updated with information as it's provided.“The registry processes forms immediately when it receives them,” she said.Sex offenders registered in New York are now required to notify the Registry of any institution of higher education at which he or she is, or expects to be, whether for compensation or not, enrolled, attending or employed, and whether such sex offender resides or expects to reside in a facility operated by the institution.