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18-Jun-2017 04:00

Even more interesting to me was the fact that, in all the voluminous discussion of the case, no one else seemed to think of the question that almost immediately occurred to me.

Is it possible that modern society’s contraceptive mentality is actually threatening marriage?

Might it in fact be a bad thing when sex is When artificial contraceptives were first introduced, one of their greatest selling points was the promise that they would improve marital intimacy.

Everyone knows, right, that sex is good for marriage?

(The result being that many never do.) For young people, the key is to make them understand that their amorous impulses are naturally ordered towards a particular kind of shared life.

Once you get to that point, though, stage-setting is still needed to keep spouses excited about being together.

It’s also well known by now that hormonal contraceptives tend to decrease sexual appetite.

So by preparing themselves physiologically to have sex at any time, women make it so that they rarely or never want to.

But preferring late-night television to my husband sounds a little crazy to me.

The real sting lies in the sense of rejection that derives from her lack of enthusiasm.

One can easily imagine another couple whose marital relations were just as (in)frequent, but who felt secure in the knowledge that both were looking forward to the next available opportunity.

That requires more than just perpetual availability.

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In fact, perpetual availability may itself be something of a intimacy-killer.

This one is a little unusual, however, in that the controversy involves sex between married people. A woman, two years married, went on a business trip.

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