Dating for russian jews

15-Dec-2017 01:22

There are two umbrella organizations of Russian Jewry: the Federation of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Russia (Va'ad) and the Russian-Jewish Congress. Although the post-Soviet leadership has officially condemned the phenomenon, it has taken almost no concrete action to crack down on anti-Semitic organizations or publications.

In the fields of education and culture, Russian Jewry has taken dramatic strides.

Petersburg, Samara, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Nalchik, and Perm.

Newspaper The Union of Jewish Religious Communities is responsible for maintaining and propagating Orthodox religious life.

In addition to the two main cities, Moscow (200,000) and St.

Petersburg (100,000), there are several dozen communities with more than 1,000 Jews.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of numerous successor states, "Russian Jewry" no longer embraces many of the communities that were once subsumed under the Communist and even pre-Communist rubric.

Even so, Russia still accounts for one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.

In certain localities, the Chabad movement is also active.

Today, in large part due to the efforts of foreign Jewish organizations, an impressive network of Jewish educational institutions has been established.

These include four Jewish universities (in Moscow and St.

Although much of Soviet Jewry was decimated in the Shoah, many of those living in Russia proper (notably in Moscow and Leningrad) were spared.

Immediately after the war, the campaign to suppress Soviet Jewry was renewed.The bulk of "Russian Jewry" was confined to the pale-the territory consisting of present-day Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, and Poland.

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