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22-Dec-2017 15:41

December was AIDS Awareness Month, a time to remind the country that, despite advancements in treatment, the threat of developing HIV/AIDS is still very real.

One area where the experts say there needs to be more awareness is among heterosexual women age 50 and older.

Several years later, she moved in with a man she had fallen in love with.

Then, she says, “one day when I was cleaning up the house I found some loose pills on the floor.

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Avoid those other generic dating sites that don't get that people living with HIV/AIDS are still living and should have the same opportunities to find love as those without the disease.

CDC officials concede that they have focused their limited outreach resources on the populations with the greatest need, which continues primarily to be men who have sex with men. In the meantime, stories like Davis’ are repeating themselves nationwide, in women like Daphne Robinson.

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