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Fifty people were on board the shuttle when the fire erupted.Forty-nine of the passengers were able to make it to shore, where they were treated by emergency crews.When he approached the car, seemingly to speak with the driver, the driver sped off straight into the officer.Visitors at the Pearl Harbor memorial were startled Saturday as they watched a documentary video of the 1941 attack when their phones went off during a statewide false alarm.Since then, he has lived alone, until a kind lady called Peg discovers him and welcomes him into her home.At first, everyone welcomes him into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.

Michelle and Malia Obama were seen on Saturday walking off of Miami Beach together with Michelle showing off her toned torso in a bikini top and Malia in a sweatshirt and black bikini bottoms.

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Sasha and Barack did not appear to be on the trip with the mother-daughter pair.

After hitting the beach, the ladies left their hotel with Malia in a stylish romper to have dinner at a trendy Miami steakhouse.But, just like his friend Harvey Weinstein (pictured left, with Testino), he is now facing accusations of sexual misconduct.