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13-Nov-2017 09:14

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They were tits and you're a guy." She says, placing her hand in my lap to judge the extent of my awareness. The tits in question belong to our niece, Lauren, who is staying with us to finish her last semester of college.

Lauren, who just turned 21, has long blonde hair and the most beautiful, clear, blue eyes I have ever seen.

Thanks." She said, smiling back at us as she entered her bedroom.

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I'm somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to working on other people's computers.

Before agreeing to let Lauren live with us, we discussed how her presence in the house would affect our spontaneity. "Let's take this into the bedroom." I say, nearly panting from Cindy's expert manipulation of my cock and balls. " Cindy asks mischievously, as she scoots away from me and lowers her head to my lap.

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