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There may be a fetus in each half of the tract, only one half, or no fetuses. You can cut the umbilical cord flush with the body.It’s that simple, and it’s even easier than pulling a jawbone.Fetal aging sounds like a technique used by Ob/Gyn doctors and ultrasound technicians, but deer managers can learn a lot about the population they’re managing by taking some annual fetal measurements.Joe Hamilton, QDMA’s founder, led a research project from 1979 to 1983 that ultimately developed the fetal-aging criteria and scale that deer managers throughout North America still use today.That way blood and/or stomach contents (for those who aren’t careful with their knife) don’t make identification more difficult.Once you locate the reproductive tract make one incision and cut it away from the body. The tract consists of the uterus (or birth canal), which branches into halves that each contain an ovary.

However, many northern firearms seasons coincide with or immediately follow peak breeding.

Fetuses are located in the reproductive tract, and that lies low and at the back end of the abdomen (just above the udder).