Fraud online dating

23-Aug-2017 07:44

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Conversely they are usually Nigerian and operate within a ring of fraudsters.Their photos are stolen images from other dating profiles or Facebook members who have no idea their photographs are even being used.A number of victims are middle aged women however, men get taken in too as well as younger victims in their 40s.A couple of my male members in their early 40s almost fell victim to the charms of attractive women who showed an interest in them. One of my female members was also targeted by a male who said he lived in Hampshire but thankfully she smelt a rat before it was too late and told him not to contact her again.However, lurking among the sea of profiles online are sophisticated gangs who prey on innocent people merely trying to find a life partner.These gangs are criminals and use dating sites to groom their victims.Beware if they ask you to pose for a sexually explicit photograph as they are likely to use this to blackmail you if you don’t do what they ask and provide them with cash.And then comes the part where they have a large inheritance or an amount of money which needs releasing.

Words such as “my love, dear” are used frequently and they say they love you very soon, too soon in fact when they’ve never met you.They say they are in the military but this is now widely known as a Modus Operandi (MO) so they may use a different occupation.They may even say they are widowed which is a hook especially if their victim is also widowed.They have devastated their victims’ lives, left them penniless and destroyed the futures which they worked hard to provide for.

Figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) confirm that .

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