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Bettina von Arnim (the Countess of Arnim) (4 April 1785 – 20 January 1859), born Elisabeth Catharina Ludovica Magdalena Brentano, was a German writer and novelist.Bettina (as well: Bettine) Brentano was a writer, publisher, composer, singer, visual artist, an illustrator, patron of young talent, and a social activist.No trace of the Bettina community survives, though two of its three founders, Gustav Schleicher—later a U. congressman and namesake of Schleicher County—and Dr.Ferdinand Ludwig Herff, who in 1854 became the first surgeon to use anesthesia in Texas, subsequently became prominent. Part of von Arnim's design for a colossal statue of Goethe, executed in marble by the sculptor Karl Steinhauser (1813–1878), was displayed in the museum at Weimar in 1911.After being educated at a Ursulines convent school in Fritzlar from 1794 to 1797, Bettina lived for a while with her grandmother at Offenbach am Main and from 1803 to 1806 with her brother-in-law, Friedrich von Savigny, the famous jurist, at Marburg.She formed a friendship with Karoline von Günderrode.

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In 1806, Günderrode committed suicide on account of a passion for the philologist Georg Friedrich Creuzer.She was the archetype of the Romantic era's zeitgeist and the crux of many creative relationships of canonical artistic figures.