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Tangere sublimia res est onerosa, aeris in nubibus aqua tenebrosa, I. Quod fraternis manibus Abel est occisus, quod oblatus puer est cui nomen risus, quod missus in puteum fratribus invisus, quod ascendens in Bethel calvus est derisus ; 130 Coram agno mystico mors est Pharaonis, quod saliva defluit patre Salomonis, quod intravit Daniel locum Babilonis, totum est mysterium Christi passionis. Thewri- celebrated under this name in Grecian ters of this age liked to show their fable, or, if he does, it is merely in a knowledge of Greek, by using punning play upon words : polyphemus is here expressions of this description. Et dixit Angelus, " lege quse repperis ;" qui legens repperi de viro sceleris, qui loca circuit venator Veneris, auceps infamise, piscator muneris. The writer put for a person who talks much, or is does not allude to the personage so very clamorous, Tro Aw^/joy. Corpus interpolat lunare Cynthium, involvit aera caligo nubium, concretis tenebris ad instar noctium ; ad hoc signaculum se solvit tertium. common among the Latin poets of the 8 APOCALYPSIS GOLI^E EPISCOPI. has Et lucris inhyans, and omits the four which follow. Ecclesiastica jura venalia facit propatulo ; sed venialia 1 70 cum venum dederit, vocat a venia, quam non inveniens venit ecclesia.

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Dum causas ventilat personis dissonis, formans fallaeias sub forma canonis, transformat canonem in formam Symonis, qui est Mercurius archidiaconis.

Gary’s father had invited us down and when we got there had a little surprise for him. I could see the look of anger in Gary’s eyes, […] «« Read More Original Story by: Alexxis The front door slammed behind me as I trudged into the house, face dirty, tugging at my riding gloves along the way. It seemed no matter how many times I tried to pull it off, I just could not get that stallion […] «« Read More Original Story by: Shannon My friend Staci and I were at Macy’s the other day, when we noticed this guy sniffing around in the lingerie department, well not ACTUALLY sniffing, but you know what I mean..feeling the silky panties, looking at the nylons, stuff like that, thinking nobody was watching him.… continue reading »

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