Phonerotica of human beins and animals eg horses

26-Sep-2017 10:11

Occasionally infection can also occur through indirect contact with other animals such as Listeriosis from drinking un-pasteurised milk or Leptospirosis from contact with infected urine that has contaminated streams or ponds.

Some people are more susceptible to contracting a zoonotic disease due to their immune status, for example those people who are on immunosuppressive treatment, pregnant women, alcoholics and diabetics.

Affected people generally suffer an acute onset of headache, fever and occasionally conjunctivitis, vomiting or abdominal pain.

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This has lessened the incidence of this disease markedly in Victoria over the last few years.

People who have close contact with large numbers of animals such as farmers, abattoir workers, shearers, knackery workers and veterinarians are at a higher risk of contracting a zoonotic disease.