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Which is ironic, considering this is a reading site -I warn you, so you don't have the right to complain.So you know whatever's going to be there, so why the hell are you still reading the fic?But Nick Fury thinks he can turn her into the Ultimate Spider-girl. Clueless team Retelling of The Ties that Bind, the Ties that Break from Hux's perspective. Suddenly, Ichigo is once again a nine year old boy watching his mother get attacked by a hollow. A small bit of advice from Kakashi before the start of the semi-finals of the Chunin Exams leads Naruto down a path he would have never have followed in canon. Anna is in the middle of a visit to the Kingdom of Corona when a mysterious blizzard strikes.But when he tries to put her with a team, what will she do? Hux lets himself indulge in everything having to do with Rey before their rescue by the Resistance. But then, a handsome new man appears in the shop she works in, and changes follow shortly after. A path that will lead Naruto to new places, and new discoveries about him and his family's past. As the only person with semi-relevant experience, she sets out to find out what - or who - is behind it all.

Full uncensored versions should be soon made available on my Ao3 account here: Ao3: eri_quin. " After Charlotte Louise Potter suffers a metal breakdown that causes her to loose her prestigious Auror position she doesn't know what to do. Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America's bed. Instead of the Beast coming to her aid, Gaston saves her life, making Belle realize that she judged him too early.

I'm personally writing "The Book of Eve," "The Book of Mal," and "Kitty Claws" (and will soon add "The Book of Leaf" to that list). At seventeen, she prepares to board the grandest ship in the world with her best friend, Jane Wallace. Could this be a failure that tops the destruction of Starkiller Base? Leaving behind the daunting memories of that night and of Jack, she continues her society life as planned.

The Regions Legends My first forum: Box of Pandora Pairings Rare pairings forum, with challenges soon to come. And someone had the bright idea to bring him back to England. Chief Officer Henry Wilde is now a widower, with four young children at home to support. But when complications arise, trust is tested and tensions build.

DON'T tell me to take some so-called CC, especially when you want to be rude about it, and tell me to be for it and not be an idiot. Writing-wise: I prefer to write, usually, third person omniscient.

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I also tend to sacrifice grammar for tone, mood, or for a character's 'voice'.I can continue to write and be happy and do it for me.