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The vineyards of Arad stretch on the hills bordering the western part of the Zarand Mountains, between Lipova and Pancota. In 1862, at a wine competition in London, "Rosu de Minis" has won the Best of all Wines Award. (October – March): Arad Tourist Information Centre Addres: Piata Independentei 39 Telephone: (259) 435.140 Email: [email protected]: Mon.

For more than one century the wines of Minis have been exported to several countries in Europe as well as to the United States of America.

The first records of viticulture in the Banat and Transylvania regions date back from the period of the Roman invasion of Dacia, in the first century AD.

Within the walls of the medieval citadel of Alba Iulia a network of inter-connected cellars were discovered; they were once used for production of sparkling wine and for storage and aging of still wines.

Oradea, eight miles east of the Romanian-Hungarian border, is one of the most picturesque towns of western Romania, as well as an important cultural center.Western Romania is a heaven for active travelers and adventure seekers, with abundant opportunities for trekking, mountain climbing, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and more.Crisana and Banat have exquisite natural scenery with a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean region.Other local dishes include stew with dumplings, peas and fried eggs, chicken and pork goulash, giblet soup, and tarragon chicken stew.

Other local specialties: - traditional cakes usually with plum brandy. Places of historical note include the Ruins of Timisoara Fortress, Huniade Castle, Dicasterial Palace, Old City Hall and the Palace of Justice.