Updating a row in a gridview eva longoria reality dating show

19-Oct-2017 08:27

If you somehow generate the same script and execute it for some client side event (double click or click of a button for example) then you san essentially send the same commands to the Grid View control.The easiest way to do so is to handle Row Data Bound event of the Grid View control as shown below: The Row Data Bound event is raised for each and every row of the Grid View while it is being data bound with the underlying data source. The Edit, Update and Cancel buttons are displayed only for grid rows of type Data Row.If you want to apply your changes immediately, you can use following code snippet: Hi Drago, Thank you for writing.We have a documentation article providing examples how the database can be updated handling various scenarios: https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/154/Feedback/Details/203285-fix-radgridview-the-last-row-is-not-updated-when-the-grid-is-bound-to-ieditabl.

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asp gridview rowupdating event not firing

Data Row/Data Row View objects implement IEditable Object and when some data in Rad Grid View is changed, the internal Currency Manager calls End Edit of current item after the current position is changed to another row.

I have specified Data Key Names as Auto ID, the primary key of the database table.

Then I have several methods attached with following events Get video of hundreds of ASP. On Row Editing - Edit Record On Row Cancel Edit - Cancel Record On Row Updating - Update Record On Row Deleting - Delete Record As I set Auto Generate Columns property to false so I am going to manually write the fields name that I need to appear in the way I want.

In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

This article scope is limited to Updating and Deleting records using Grid View and I am not using any readymade Data controls for that but manually writing all event methods.In this article, I am going to take a simple database table that has following fields: Auto ID - Int, Auto Increment, Primary Key Page Name - Varchar(50) Page Description - Varchar(500) Active - Bit(1) In this article, I am not going to explain the workings of Sql objects but focusing on the events and methods of the Grid View that will help us in updating and deleting the records.

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