Wazzum dating match.com free dating site

27-Sep-2017 01:12

Called the phone number on their web-site and there was nobody to pick up the phone. The support was not answering the phone call, the written e-mail is still non-answered, though already 3 hours have passed.

UPDATE: Just received a letter from Wazzum: "You're an absolute moron if you think my software is wordpress.

The standard package doesn’t have any media possibilities and features.

I doubt that anybody will need to have a dating site without such basic features nowadays.

Though I got the above mentioned error, the registration went through. :)))))) Just kidding :) OK, I'm logging in to show you this Wazzum dating software “solution”: We see the same “professional” look.

Created by the same Photoshop novice :)))) Now I doubt that somebody is paying money for this.

The digits representing the amount of On-line users, Photos or Videos are not clickable.

According to that document, you can freely use the software, any of their contents or modules, BUT you should leave the copyright marks intact. No way to register if I was born, for example, in 2000, or 2001 (in both cases I would be more than 18 years old and had a right to register on such a web-site).

In any case, the reviews are written by our visitors, and we never reveal their personalities. You have 1 week to remove it or you will hear from my attorney.

Democracy, you know :-D UPDATE: Wazzum Blackmailing Scam Continues Again I get letters from Wazzum: I really suggest that you remove the Wordpress clone part of your post. Well good for you if you removed the names from the code at last, but the review was not written by me and actually I am not interested in your problems with Wordpress.

Those enhanced features are only available in the Premium Package.

Premium Package - 9.00 It includes everything that you see in the demo.

I don't know what agenda you have by saying that but it just shows that you are a complete moron.