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)4) There is very little variation in the 1914 or the 25. Here's an odd story I might have previously mentioned: Back in the mid 1980's, when I was living in Indiana, I walked into a "Mom & Pop" general store, in the middle of nowhere, & in the back of the store (A store that looked right out of the 1930's, I might add), "Pop" had a whole wall of various weapons; mainly rifles.

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Roger Pact, Have you found a 1903 .22 short magazine yet? Do you agree on the 29 with the later checkered stock being hard to fine? I would sure be greatful for any info you might want to share. I also have one serial#874xx that has a front pump handle like the 1914 (longer), but has the common stock. Roger Anyone know when they stopped making the short mag.? does not have the 1908 patent but my S, L and LR mags do. Phil, The #57 catalog (1916) shows the 1903 with the 1914 style butt stock. pact, The early rifle is longer and THINNER in the pistol grip. The 1909 cataloge indicated that 2 mags are shipped with each gun and they handle s/l/lr.